Stay Safe With Chocolate

Our chocolate designs are one of the best in the UK, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t effects with eating too much of it. Have an enquiry? Get in touch.

In any case, eating too much of a food will have a negative effect on you, but with chocolate this case is significantly more.

So, where can chocolate effect us?

Our teeth is a major part of our body where too much sugar can affect us – it can cause cavities, tooth decay, and the fall out of teeth.

Of course, this won’t happen straight away, but it is the result of too much consumption over a long period of time. It can also be the effect when no oral hygiene is maintained at all. However, vegan chocolate is less likely to cause such dramatic issues.

Limiting your chocolate intake, as well as regular dentist check-ups are the result of having an almost perfect smile – because we all know, who really is perfect?

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Rapid Weight Gain

Not restricting your chocolate intake can result in a rapid weight gain. Saturated fat has a high percentage in many chocolate bars, this in turn, elevates blood cholesterol, therefore putting you at risk of heart disease as well as stroke. Learn how to care for somebody with a heart problem. Click here.

The extra, added sugar in all types of chocolate hasn’t got a nutritional value at all – it can just add to your body weight, and also puts you at a higher risk of heart disease.

It is suggested that if you consume a high amount of chocolate in one day, that you either cut out all other treats for the day, or walk an extra 30 minutes. This counteracts the additional calories that you are consuming. Alternatively, you can choose a workout routine, find out more on keeping healthy.

Caffeine Effects Us Too

Chocolate has quite a bit of caffeine in, which is why you may feel slightly perked up once you have consumed it.

But again, like sugar there is no nutritional value – eating too many foods with caffeine in can result in you having a rapid heartbeat, anxiety, tremors, nausea and evening throwing up.

Wake yourself up a different way – contact us for more advice.