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At Chapel Dental Practice, we believe in the importance of choosing the right dentist for you and your family.

The team at Chapel Dental Practice would like to welcome you. We operate a clean, friendly, relaxed, high-quality dental practice and treat each patient’s individual needs with sympathetic and professional care. We offer a complete range of dental services including routine dentistry, prevention, tooth whitening, orthodontics, implants and smile makeovers.

We pride ourselves in being an ‘Independent Practice’, not a Corporate body. We aim to provide high-quality dentistry at affordable prices without compromising the quality of care. Every member of our team is focused on making each patient feel comfortable and less anxious, thereby making it a happy and worthwhile experience visiting the dentist.

Nervous patients

At Chapel Dental, we specialise in treating nervous and anxious patients.

Did you know that 34% of the UK population fear the dentist’s chair? And a further 17% of the British population suffer from Trypanophobia, which is a phobia of needles.


Who is suitable for braces?

Everyone can wear braces, adults and children.  Age is not a factor.   You may require orthodontic treatment if you have:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Gappy teeth


A dental implant is used to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. 

Other options can include a denture or a bridge. Dental implants look, function and act like teeth.  It is the most modern and advanced method that we have to restore missing teeth.

Pre Implant procedures | Single  Implants | Multiple Implants | Process

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Box 6 Emergency Dentist  Box 7 Routine Check-Up Appointments


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