What Is the Process?

Step 1: Assessment

At your first appointment, we discover your wants and goals so that we can tailor our process and create a bespoke and comprehensive plan for you.

We want to ensure that your mouth is healthy and suitable for treatment, so we will undertake a detailed examination.

We will take a digital scan of your teeth.

Optional Step: Trial Smile

If we are treating numerous teeth then we will allow you to see and check your smile before we proceed so you have full control over the result.

Step 2: Placement

We prepare the tooth/teeth so the composite resin will stick to the surface.  We will then place the composite material.  Once we are happy with the composite bonding we then employ our finishing and polishing sequence to really make it shine.

Step 3: Maintenance

We advise that the composite bonding is inspected and maintain annually.

Why Choose us?

For us, dentistry is personal: no two people are the same, no two mouths are the same and no two treatment plans are the same. We will ensure that we provide you with the dentist that is best suited to your needs. We promise that you will be listened too and involved in the consultation and planning process. You will leave with a customised, bespoke treatment plan tailored exactly to your needs.