Treatments for Missing Teeth

Did you know that 6% of the UK population have no teeth?  That means 2.7 million people in the UK have no teeth at all! (The 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey)

What can happen if I don’t replace my missing teeth?

You don’t have to replace your missing tooth/teeth, it is completely up to you.  However, if teeth are not replaced, then certain biological factors will start to happen over time:

How can I replace my missing tooth/teeth?

There are three ways to replace missing tooth/teeth.  You can have a:

Dentures can be made out of two materials:

One of the main drawbacks of complete or partial dentures is that eventually, the gums will shrink and recede and the once snug-fitting denture can become loose.  This problem can be overcome with implants which can be used to retain and support the denture.

What are the benefits of a bridge

They are generally cheaper than an implant

An excellent and well-established treatment option

Highly aesthetic

Are dental implants the best way to replace missing teeth?

This is completely dependent on the person and what teeth are missing.  There are numerous factors to consider:

How do I know what option is best for me?

At Chapel Dental we will examine your mouth and utilise the latest technology, the itero 5D element to envisage your results.  We will also discuss with you your long-term goals so we can create a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.   We also offer 0% finance plans to help with your budget.