Whitening you smile

It is no secret that most people want pearly white teeth.  Unfortunately, as we get older our teeth darken, this can make our smile look older.  Too much red wine, coffee and tea can also cause our teeth to stain.  

Whether you would like your teeth to look their natural whitest or want a Hollywood smile, we will cater for your needs.  As colour is subjective, we will analyse your current shade and discuss your desired outcome.

Options to whiten teeth include:

Visiting the Hygienist

This is a simple method to remove any external stains caused by food and drink.  It will also help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is an incredibly safe and effective treatment option often providing the best results.  It gives the most natural look by whitening your teeth a few shades.  We use peroxide gel in bespoke custom-made trays that you can wear during the day for a few hours or at night.  The trays can be kept safe and used to top up your whitening at a later date (although if years have passed or new dentistry done, it’s also best to bring the trays in to ensure the fit is still adequate).

What if I have sensitive teeth?

Whitening can still be performed and we will ensure that you have the right gel for you.  We can also provide you with some tips and tricks to help against any sensitivity you might incur.


In some cases, in order to achieve the desired result, we may advise veneers.  This is for cases where the teeth are severely discoloured such as tetracycline staining where a childhood antibiotic has changed the natural colour of the teeth, in cases of severe fluorosis where there are white and brown strips on the teeth or you may want your teeth a certain to look a particular type of white.  Our expert dentists will be able to provide advice and insight and create a bespoke plan suitable for you.

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