Fixed Braces

Fixed braces involve metal or ceramic bracket that is temporarily glued to the front surface of your tooth.  The brackets are joined together by a flexible wire which is adjusted over time to straighten your teeth.  You cannot remove the brackets or the wire they are fixed on.

Fixed or conventional braces are the gold standards in orthodontics.  They are the most reliable, predictable and accurate method of straightening your teeth and can solve simple up to complicated movements.  They work by applying gentle pressure onto the teeth, sometimes springs or elastics may need to be prescribed, but this is case dependent.

Who is suitable for fixed braces?

Fixed braces can be used to correct any misalignment.  They are particularly good at fixing complicated cases such as:

How long does treatment take?

Treatment is case specific, however, on average treatment is approximately 14-18months, but some can take up to 2 years.

Are Fixed Braces painful?

Fixed braces can be uncomfortable for the first few days after they are fitted, however, this usually subsides.

Do Fixed Braces have to be made of metal?

No, we can offer a more cosmetic alternative using tooth coloured ceramic brackets on the front teeth and even tooth coloured wires.

What is the Process for getting Fixed Braces?

Step 1: Assessment

At your first appointment we discover your wants and goals so that we can tailor our process and create a bespoke and comprehensive plan for you.

We want to ensure that your mouth is healthy and suitable for treatment, so we will undertake a detailed examination.

We will take a digital scan of your teeth.

Step 2: Fit

We will glue the brackets to your teeth and attach the wires.  We will answer any questions that you may have and we will ensure that you are confident in every aspect before you leave.

Step 3: Review Visits

We will invite you back for a review appointment every 4-6 weeks so we can check how you are doing and monitor your progress.

Step 4: Maintain

Once we have finished moving your teeth we will provide you with retainers to wear so that we can maintain the new position of your teeth