Crowns are a very popular choice

Ceramic/Porcelain: these are highly aesthetic and blend beautifully with the natural teeth.  When bonded to the teeth ceramic can be very strong and durable.  Bonding ceramic onto the tooth allows us to be very minimal in our prep and only take what is needed.

There are situations where ceramic crowns may not be appropriate.  This is mainly in people who grind or brux as the force from their jaws can fracture the ceramic.

Ceramic bonded to metal crowns: these crowns can be highly destructive as you have to remove a lot of tooth tissue, with the advancement of dental bonding and ceramics we tend to use them less.  Although durable and tooth coloured, these crowns tend to give a grey line around the edge.

Gold: gold is a wonderful material to use although it can be very marmite.  Some people do not like the colour.  Gold is an excellent material in people who grind and brux as it doesn’t fracture, it erodes and it doesn’t;t affect the opposing teeth.  It is very long-lasting and very minimally invasive.  However, gold is expensive.

How long do crowns last for?

Like all restorations crowns must be looked after or they can get dental decay.  We advise that you brush twice a day, floss daily and see the hygiene therapist every 6 months.

On average crowns last 8-13 years, however, with proper maintenance, they can last longer.

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