Dentures are used as an option when we want to replace missing teeth.  Other options include bridges or implants.  One of the benefits of dentures is that they can replace multiple missing teeth in different parts of the jaw.  

A good fitting denture will:

  • Give you confidence and restore your smile
  • Allow you to eat and enjoy certain foods

There are three different types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures: this is where all the teeth in the jaw are missing and need to be restored
  • Partial dentures: this is where a few teeth are missing in the jaw.  
  • Implant retained dentures: this is where implants (or screws) are placed into the jaw and are used to retain the denture.  It is the most secure type of denture possible and you wont need to use any adhesives with it.

Dentures can be made out of two materials:

  • Plastic: this is made from acrylic a pink plastic that is used to replicate the gums with plastic teeth attached to it.  Sometimes we may need to place metal wires onto the denture for stability
  • Metal: the metal used is cobalt chrome.  Metal dentures are an excellent choice for partial dentures as they are very secure and snug, but, sometimes we may need to prepare a tooth so the denture can balance and fit well.

One of the main drawbacks of complete or partial dentures is that eventually the gums will shrink and recede and the once snug fitting denture can become loose.  This problem can be overcome with implants which can be used to retain and support the denture.