How long do fillings last?

Having a filling?

  • Amalgam: 8-13 years
  • Composite: 7 years
  • Glass ionomer: 5 years
  • Ceramic/porcelain: 15+years
  • Gold: 15+ years

All fillings must be looked after by brushing twice daily and flossing.  It is also advisable to see the hygiene therapist every 6 months to help maintain your mouth and fillings.


A crown is a restoration that covers (or caps) your natural tooth thus restoring it back to normal shape, size and function.

There are numerous reasons that we may need to place a crown.  These include:

  • To protect broken down and weak teeth
  • Back teeth that have been received a root canal
  • To hold together a cracked tooth
  • As part of your dental implant

At Cosmetic Smile & Implant Centre we tend to favour tooth coloured cermaic crowns, however, if the situation needs it, then we may advise you to have a gold crown placed.