Correcting Short, worn and broken teeth

More and more people in the UK are physically wearing their teeth down.  This can be due to:

Grinding is a habit that is becoming more prevalent amongst the population.  Stress is a major factor in this.  Grinding our teeth can cause our teeth to:

Acid reflux can be caused by a variety of reasons, if you feel that you have this we would advise you to see you GP as soon as possible.

It can cause the teeth to:

Dietary acids can cause severe wear of your teeth in a short space of time. They are best avoided or kept to a minimal frequency. These include

If left, worn teeth can severely affect your oral health.  Worn front teeth can begin to interfere with your back teeth and this can cause them to fracture.  Not all fractures are repairable.  It has also been documented that worn teeth can cause migraines.

Worm teeth can cause a large number of problems:


Worn teeth look darker, shorter and misshapen- This ages the appearance of teeth.

Structure- teeth become brittle and fracture

Sensitivity- Worn teeth can become very sensitive to cold and hot. This can stop you from eating your favourite foods and drinks.

For most people in public-facing roles chipped and worn teeth can be embarrassing and we find that people actively seek out treatment to reverse worn teeth.

What are the solutions for chipped, worn and broken teeth?

First of all we have to find out the cause and try to eliminate or reduce this.  Once this has been achieved, we can begin to rebuild and recreate the harmony in your mouth.

Treatment may include:

Composite bonding

Is a treatment option that can often be completed in one appointment.  It will recreate the size and shape of the teeth.  Depending on the situation, it can last 3-7 years and is often cheaper than crowns and veneers.  Often it can be used to successfully recreate harmony in the mouth before moving on to longer-lasting porcelain restorations.


These are thin pieces of either porcelain or composite material that covers the front and often the tip of the tooth.  composite veneers can last 3-7 years and porcelain veneers, if taken care of, can last 20 years.  they are a highly aesthetic option.


Crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth and are more destructive yet highly aesthetic.  They can last between 8-13 years.

How do I know what option is best for me?

At Chapel Dental, we will examine your mouth using the very latest technology, the itero 5D element.  We will also discuss with you your long-term goals as treating worn teeth effectively and predictably needs a comprehensive approach and not a short-term fix.  We also offer 0% finance plans to help with your budget.